Doctoral student Association at Ecole Centrale de Lyon

The ECLAT association, (Ecole Centrale de Lyon Association de Troisième cycle) brings together doctoral students from the whole range of laboratories at Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Beyond their efforts to bridge communication, ECLAT also participates in the evaluation of research studies, offers support regarding the postdoctoral integration into professional life and distributes scientific articles resulting from the doctoral student’s latest research.

ECLAT contributes to establish strong relationships in between the doctoral students and enhances the communication in between them and school administration, laboratories, student societies as well as with the Centraliens. It participates in events such as the Forum Perspective, a venue during which companies from France and the world present themselves to students and interact with them, as well as the Spots Labos event. Moreover, it organises conferences for doctoral students such as the CRIEC (Conference on the research conducted within the Ecoles Centrales Group) as well as the printing of an annual journal of doctoral students, coordinated by the head of Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

ECLAT also offers excursions to sites of scientific importance, such as the Large Hedron Collider LHC in Geneva or the Centre of Nuclear Studies in St Alban. It completes this set of offers by various cultural excursions, recreational activities as well as sporting events, thus establishing a convivial and warm ambiance among the doctoral students.