Doctoral Programs and HDR

Proceeding higher education, a doctorate refers to a Bac +8. With a duration of three years after the acquisition of the Master’s or an equivalent degree, it entitles the student – after the successful defence of a thesis - to carry the title of a doctor.

As a student’s first actual professional experience, the doctoral program grants him the opportunity to study and elaborate on new innovative concepts and methods and at the same time to develop essential skills as well as to make invaluable experiences working in a research group.

The doctoral training program at Ecole Centrale Lyon covers 5 graduate schools, responsible for the organisation of the doctorates as well as for supporting the young doctorates’ integration into the working world.

Registration for the doctoral program

Entry Requirements

In order to be eligible for the doctoral program, a student has to:

  • Possess a diploma equal or equivalent to that of a Master’s degree (foreign diplomas are examined by the Graduate Schools for their equivalence with the French Master)
  • Be accepted by a researcher authorised to direct research (HDR) in one of the research groups based at Ecole Centrale de Lyon
  • Own a thesis grant for the duration of three years

Admission procedure

The registration form for entry in 1st year has to be fully completed and signed by the supervisor, the director of the respective laboratory as well as the director of the graduate school associated with the laboratory. Based upon the consent of the Director of the graduate school, the director of Ecole Centrale de Lyon then decides on the applicant’s admission to the first year of the doctorate.

The tuition fees are annually fixed by a ministerial order (€ 372 in 2011). Registration has to be renewed every year based upon a fixed scheduling imposed by the School Office of École Centrale de Lyon. Registration for a fourth or higher year is only possible in the case of a derogation granted by the director of École Centrale de Lyon.