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  • Consultez nos marchés publics

    • Site Marchés publics L'École Centrale de Lyon vous propose un site entièrement dédié aux marchés publics : Vous pouvez y créer [...]
  • 成为我们的合作伙伴

    • Centrale Lyon教学方式的多样性和特殊性同样为企业提供了的共同构建创新型和个性化合作伙伴关系的机会。 成为Centrale Lyon的合作伙伴,就是选择投资国际上最优秀的教育和科研。 可以将双方的关系从点投入变为包含教育、科研和国际化发展在内的持久而有效的合作关系。 为企业的诸如招聘、入职培训、继续教育、 [...]
  • Is the US shale revolution over?

    • Résumé Within 10 years, the US has halved their oil dependency and became gas independent. This shale oil and gas revolution has enabled the US to revive [...]
    • 16 mars 2016
    • ECLW1RDC (déambulatoire)Amphi 2
  • 2016 Startup Challenge created by Allyage: 17 applicants!

    • The deadline to apply to the 2016 Startup Challenge was on April 13, 2016. The jury of the third edition of the American Foundation Friends of Alliance École [...]
    • 26 avril 2016
  • Internships and Work Placements

    • Throughout their education, students prepare for their entry into the working environment. The companies are very involved in this aspect, not only by [...]
  • Research Partnerships

    • Benefit from privileged access to laboratories and their works The nature of General Engineering Grandes Ecoles involves high quality research in multiple [...]
  • Education Partnerships

    • In an increasingly competitive world, partnerships between schools and companies has become a key factor to success. The involvement of companies is essential [...]
  • Editorial

    Corporate Connections

    • From regional SMBs to multinational partnerships, corporate connexions are part of life in Ecole Centrale de Lyon: the heads of companies help to steer the [...]
  • They support us

    • School tax for traineeship { "filter": "files", "mode": "thumb", "items": [ { "id": 361, "url": "" }, { "id": 2267, "url": "https [...]
  • The « Création d’Entreprise » challenge of the Foundation Friends of Alliance CENTRALE LYON - EMLYON

    • The “Création d’Entreprise” challenge is the first project funded by the Foundation Friends of Alliance CENTRALE LYON - EMLYON. It aims at supporting young [...]
    • 2 avril 2014