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  • Virtual visit

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  • [Conference] Centralien-Entrepreneur: Feedback on a Media Creation

    • Conference will be given in French.
    • 13 février 2017
    • ECLW12e étageAmphi 201
  • HIVE Hackathon - Innovative Projects Dedicated to Handicap

    • The goal of the hackathon HIVE (Hacking for Innovative and Viral Evolution) is to develop an idea on the subject of handicap and to present an innovative [...]
    • Du 3 mars 2017 au 4 mars 2017
    • ECLLearningLab
  • Where should I live?

    • On campus Two student residences are located on the campus of Ecole Centrale Lyon: Paul Comparat Residence: This residence consists of 403 individual rooms [...]
  • Associations at Centrale Lyon

    • An “associative life” which is rich and well-developed At Centrale Lyon, the student associations play a vital role in the activity on campus. With a huge [...]
  • Sport, a crucial part of life at Centrale Lyon

    • ©Club photo École Centrale de Lyon Physical education and sport are an integral element of the whole education of the engineering student at the [...]
  • Highlights of the Centrale Lyon year

    • September Rentrée (Beginning of the academic year) Semaine and week-end d’intégration: A key moment in life at Centrale, the semaine d’intégration, or [...]
  • Campus Map

    • Laboratories Electrical engineering, control systems engineering, microbiology, (Ampère) H9 Institut Camille Jordan (ICJ) E6 2d floor Institut des [...]
  • Getting to Centrale Lyon

    • Ecole Centrale de Lyon is located in Ecully, a municipality situated about 12 km northeast of the centre of Lyon. Access map to Ecole Centrale de Lyon By Car [...]
  • Where we are

    • ©Club photo / Maxime Storn 18 ha of greenery Located only 20 minutes from Lyon, the Ecole Centrale de Lyon campus is situated in beautiful surroundings in the [...]