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  • VIPER Winter School « Wave propagation in periodic media »

    • The first VIPER Winter School is the first workshop in the training program of the European project, VIPER. This double-degree project is financed by the [...]
    • From 6 febrero 2017 to 8 febrero 2017
    • ECLW12e étageAmphi 203
  • Why Pursue a PhD after an Engineering Degree and How to Do So?

    • Conference given in French by Florian Andrianiazy (ECL 2011).
    • 13 marzo 2017
    • ECLW1RDC (déambulatoire)Amphi 2
  • Eurographics Conference in computer graphics 2017

    • Eurographics is the leading venue in computer graphics in Europe, covering areas such as rendering, animation, texture, geometry, image and video processing. [...]
    • From 24 abril 2017 to 28 abril 2017
    • LyonCentre des Congrès
  • The Ampère Laboratory

    Ampère - UMR CNRS 5005

    • The Ampère Laboratory is designed for managing and using rationally energy in systems in relation with their environment (electrical engineering, electromagnetic engineering, control systems, environmental microbiology). Responsible for the branch Ecole Centrale de Lyon: Christian VOLLAIRE.
    • Website of the Ampère Laboratory
  • ICJ - Camille Jordan Institute

    ICJ - UMR CNRS 5208

    • The ICJ is designed for research in pure and applied mathematics. Director: Sylvie BENZONI-GAVAGE.
    • Website of the ICJ
  • INL - Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology

    INL - UMR CNRS 5270

    • The INL is designed for developing multidisciplinary research in the fields of micro- and nanotechnologies. Applications fields include communication and information technology, biotechnologies and medical engineering, energy and environmental engineering. Responsible for the branch Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Assistant Director: Christian SEASSAL.
    • Website of the INL
  • LIRIS - Computer Science Laboratory for Image Processing and Information Systems

    LIRIS - UMR CNRS 5205

    • LIRIS is a computer science laboratory where research activities are within two departments: Image (analysis and geometric modeling for 3D objects ; simulation, realistic rendering and augmented reality ; information extraction and object recognition) and Data, Knowledge and Services (knowledge discovery ; data and services engineering). Responsible for the branch Ecole Centrale de Lyon: Stéphane DERRODE.
    • Website of the LIRIS
  • LMFA - Laboratory of Fluid Transfer and Acoustics

    LMFA - UMR CNRS 5509

    • The LMFA develops a fundamental and applied research in the fields of transports (aeronautics, spacial, land-based and environmental impact), internal aerodynamics, polyphasic flows, urban pollution, acoustics and turbomachinery. Director: Philippe BLANC-BENON.
    • Website of the LMFA
  • LTDS - Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics

    LTDS - UMR CNRS 5513

    • The LTDS is a multidisciplinary laboratory that leads and supports the development of research, guides, experiments, models, conducts simulations in tribology, materials and processes mechanics, structures and systems dynamics, geomaterials and geoenvironment. Director: Fabrice THOUVEREZ.
    • Website of the LTDS
  • Industrial Partners

    • Comprehensive, In-Depth Competencies to serve the needs of the enterprises The transfer of scientific knowledge to the working world is an essential end- [...]