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  • Unsupervised RGB-D Scene Analysis using Joint Clustering and Region Merging

    • Unsupervised RGB-D Scene Analysis using Joint Clustering and Region Merging Recent advances in imaging sensors, such as Microsoft Kinect, provide access to [...]
    • 19 May 2015
    • ECLbldg. E6conference room
  • Micro-/Nano-Engineered Materials for Aerospace Applications

    • Namiko Yamamoto, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Penn State University is visiting Ecole Centrale de Lyon. She will give a conference on [...]
    • 8 July 2015
    • ECL
  • LMFA - Laboratory of Fluid Transfer and Acoustics

    LMFA - UMR CNRS 5509

    • The LMFA develops a fundamental and applied research in the fields of transports (aeronautics, spacial, land-based and environmental impact), internal aerodynamics, polyphasic flows, urban pollution, acoustics and turbomachinery. Director: Philippe BLANC-BENON.
    • Website of the LMFA
  • LTDS - Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics

    LTDS - UMR CNRS 5513

    • The LTDS is a multidisciplinary laboratory that leads and supports the development of research, guides, experiments, models, conducts simulations in tribology, materials and processes mechanics, structures and systems dynamics, geomaterials and geoenvironment. Director: Fabrice THOUVEREZ.
    • Website of the LTDS
  • Industrial Partners

    • Comprehensive, In-Depth Competencies to serve the needs of the enterprises The transfer of scientific knowledge to the working world is an essential end- [...]
  • Competitive clusters

    • The research teams are involved in several competitive clusters: Axelera  / LUTB / Imaginov  / Techtera / Viameca  / Plastipolis  / Mov'eo [...]
  • Doctoral Programs and HDR

    • Proceeding higher education, a doctorate refers to a Bac +8. With a duration of three years after the acquisition of the Master’s or an equivalent degree, it [...]
  • Doctoral Schools

    • The doctoral schools organise the training of doctoral candidates and prepare them for their professional lives. The schools bring to the doctoral students a [...]
  • The “Investissements d’avenirs”, massive investments for projects of excellence

    • The response of Ecole Centrale de Lyon to a continuous demand for projects of excellence is reflected in its laboratories’ participation in the following [...]
  • Research Abroad - LIA, UMI and GDRI

    • In terms of research conducted on an international level, Ecole Centrale de Lyon concentrates its efforts on a few, yet intense activities. These activities [...]