2017-2018 Online Registration at Ecole Centrale de Lyon

You have just been accepted to the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, congratulations!

It is now time to complete your registration process, which is done online to make it easier. You will receive by email the login address and your username in order to register, to make your student social security affiliation and your payment. All the documents to be provided will be specified on the registration website.

For more information, read the Frequently Asked Questions section (in French).

Registration Schedule

Online registration will be suspended during the Ecole's annual closure, from 27 July 27 to 21 August 2017.

General Engineering

  • 1st year CASTing path: from mid-July to 28 August 2017
  • 1st year in a dual-degree (international university): mid-July to 28 August 2017


  • International Master's: from mid-July to 25 August 2017


Beginning of registration after validation by the committee of theses. End of registration 2 weeks after validation of step 6 of 6 in SIGED.

The 3 Steps of your Registration

Your administrative registration breaks down into three steps:

1. Entering Information

You will be asked to enter information like: your civil status and military situation, contact information, degrees obtained, sport, disabilities if relevant, social security scheme...

2. Validation of Several Documents

You have to validate the following documents when registering online:

3. Payment of the Tuition Fees

Rights, social security, preventive medicine, specific charges. A payment in 3 times is possible.

This registration will be definitive only after at least one due payment, validation by the schooling service and your presence on the 1st day of school for engineers - except those who follow a course outside the campus. It is possible to start paying only on the 1st day of school.

Prepare your arrival

The "Letter to Successful Candidates" gathers useful information on how to book a room in our university residence, important documents to be brought on the 1st day of school in order to complete administrative files, preventive medicine and sport.     

For more information, read the Frequently Asked Questions section (in French).

Start of the Year Schedule

Any student who, having made known his/her acceptance of admission to the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, does not appear on the 1st day of school, will be considered resigned. In case of major reason justifying a possible delay, notify the schooling service of the Ecole.

The 1st day of school will take place from 28 August (international students coming through a partnership agreement) to 18 September 2017 (energy students 3A).

See the whole schedule for the start of the year.