International Team


    Director of International RelationsProfessor of physics, chemistry and nanotechnologies (CNU 33)STMS/INL

    • Magali Phaner-Goutorbe is Professor of Physics and Chemistry, and Nanotechnology, at École Centrale de Lyon, and Dean of International Affairs since September [...]
  • Marie-Françoise EL FASSI

    Head of the International Relations ServiceCoordinator for the Erasmus programResearch Projects

    • Institutional Coordinator for the Erasmus program and other international partnerships. Contact for Africa, Latin America, Brazil and Japan.
  • Brigitte PAVONE

    International Mobility Coordinator at the entry and exit level

    • Responsible for management and development of student mobility Responsible for the financial monitoring of mobility programs Contact for Europe

    Assistant for mobility management and scholarships

  • Sonja BECKER

    Responsible for partnerships with Germany and Scandinavia

  • Lisa MIHAMI

    Responsible for partnerships with English-speaking countries

  • Cheng SUN

    Responsible for the partnership with China

  • Adeline TRENNER

    In charge of International Masters