Communication - Languages - Business Studies - Sports  (C.L.E.S.)

Director: Jacqueline VACHERAND-REVEL
Secretary: Corinne COTTAZ
Location: D5 Building, 1st floor


  • Jacqueline Vacherand-Revel

    Head of the Communication - Languages - Business Studies - Sports Departement (CLES)Associate professor in work psychology (CNU 16)CLES

    • Jacqueline Vacherand-Revel holds a PhD in Psychology and is an expert on the social and cognitive dimensions of work. She is a researcher at the Interactions- [...]

Lecturers and researchers at the C.L.E.S. Department

  • Mariko Akutsu

    In charge of Japanese coursesCLES

    • Mariko AKUTSU graduated from the University of Lyon 3 and has a postgraduate degree in the Western, Slavic and Eastern World. She teaches Japanese at the [...]
  • Sarah Carvallo

    Associate professor of philosophy (CNU 17)CLES

    • Alumnus of École normale supérieure de Paris, holding an agrégation, a PhD in Philosophy and an accreditation to supervise research, Sarah Carvallo is [...]
  • Claudine Chenuet

    Professeure agrégée in English (CNU 422)CLES

    • Claudine Chloe Chenuet has been teaching English at the École Centrale (ECL) since 1991 After Philosophy and English studies, she first taught English in High [...]
  • Anne Cognet

    Italian teacherCLES

  • Jean Cotinaud

    Certified teacher in physical educationHead of the Sports departmentCLES

    • Jean Cotinaud, was originally a gymnast, then he became a windsurfing instructor, which was followed by some climbing and then a little paragliding, he cycles [...]
  • Christian de Peretti

    Associate professor of economics (CNU05)CLES

    • Christian de Peretti obtained a PhD in Quantitative Economics and Econometrics from the University of Aix-Marseille-II in 2003 and an accreditation to [...]
  • Alain Dougnac-Galant

    Professeur agrégé in English (CNU 422)CLES

    • After teaching almost twenty years in senior high school, he joined École Centrale de Lyon in 1999. He headed the Language Department for ten years from 2002 [...]
  • Alexandre Fidanza

    Associate professor (CNU 6)CLES

    • Alexandre Fidanza is graduated from École Centrale de Paris and London Business School. Alexandre worked for ten years in ALCATEL Group and fourteen years in [...]
  • Eric Fillet

    Physical education teacherCLES

  • Laure Flandrin

    Professeure agrégée in social sciencesCLES

    • Formerly a student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Laure Flandrin is responsible for the teaching of economics to first year students. She is also [...]
  • Johann Gilbert-Guérin

    Physical education teacherCLES

    • Working First as a supply teacher in swimming and water polo for a year, he joined the École Centrale de Lyon in September 2014 for a full time after the [...]
  • Nicolas Hourcade

    Professeur agrégé in Social Sciences (CNU 1100)CLES

    • Nicolas Hourcade is an alumnus of ENS Cachan, and has been teaching at École Centrale de Lyon since 2001, first as a temporary research and education attaché [...]
  • Cécile Lacoin

    Professeure agrégée in GermanCLES

    • A senior lecturer since 1989, she has coordinated the German teaching team at the École Centrale since 2006 and is involved in research for innovative [...]
  • Florence Milon

    Senior lecturer of French as a foreign languageCLES

    • Senior lecturer of French as a foreign language since 1993 and in the École Centrale since 2008. Director of French studies and coordination of the French [...]
  • Sylvie Mira-Bonnardel

    Associate professor of management sciences (CNU 06)CLES

    • Lecturer in Management Sciences, Sylvie Mira Bonnardel holds a PhD in Management from the Jean Moulin University - Lyon-III and a Master of Science in [...]
  • Jérôme Noirot

    Professeur agrégé in EnglishCLES

    • Jérôme Noirot has taught English as a PRAG at École Centrale Lyon since September 2011. He studied English at Université de Bourgogne until 1994 when he [...]
  • Jérôme Pantos

    Physical education teacherCLES

  • Nathalie Pastor

    Spanish teacherCLES

  • Jean-Paul Piacentino

    Associated teacher in charge of supply chain and operations management learnings for 3d year studentsCLES

    • Jean-Paul Piacentino started his career in Thales Group where he led a radar manufacturing license transfer to Irak and launched the Integrated Logistics [...]
  • Carole Sanchez

    Professeure agrégée in Spanish and PortugueseCLES

    • Carole Albarracín Sánchez graduated from the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne (1986) and holds an “agrégation externe” in Spanish, option Portuguese (1994). [...]
  • Philippe Thimonier

    Lecturer and researcherCLES

    • Philippe Thimonier graduated in 1985 from the Laval University in Quebec with a degree in forest engineering. He has an MBA from HEC Montréal (1992), and has [...]
  • Waltraut Wunder

    Professeure agrégée in GermanCLES

    • Professeure Agrégée, Waltraut Wunder has been teaching German at the École Centrale de Lyon since 2008. A German native, Waltraut Wunder did studies in German [...]